Sahaj – Vernacular Furniture of Gujarat

A brand new book from the collaborative Vernacular Furniture of N-W India projectSahaj: Vernacular Furniture of Gujarat, the first book of its kind. Co-authored by our Collection Curator, Ben Cartwright, alongside Mitraja Bais, Jay Thakkar and Samrudha Dixit.  

The Gujarati term Sahaj can mean either ‘inherent’ or ‘intrinsic’, and this book introduces the vernacular furniture that is inherent to, and still is made and used throughout Gujarat:  

Sahaj contains 398 images, including maps, photographs of vernacular furniture, locations in Gujarat, design illustrations and exploded drawings. The book explores the history of vernacular furniture in Gujarat, characteristic furniture types and a summary of changes in the crafting and use of these incredible objects over time.

£29.99 plus postage